Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy – The Charismatic Enigma Versus The Man Who Murdered his Dog

Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy – The Charismatic Enigma Versus The Man Who Murdered his Dog

Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy – The Match

Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy was not a wrestling match. It was a fight. It was brutal. It was intense. You can see it in the eyes of Jeff Hardy as he marches down the ramp toward his brother Matt, who is stood in the ring, waiting. The pair lock eyes and neither deflects the others gaze. They keep staring, letting the other know that they are not scared and are ready for a fight.

The pair face off in the ring. The referee stands between them, and they wait for the bell to ring. Matt Hardy tries trash talking, to put Jeff off his game, but the Charasmatic Enigma’s concentration could not be broken. Clad in purple face paint and a steely gave, the bell rings and Jeff fires a hard slap straight into his brothers face. No lock ups, no holds. This is a war.

It’s like this if the men were the Hardy’s and Reese Witherspoon was Jeff’s dog or something idk

Matt tried to return the slap, but Jeff ducks and performs a double leg takedown, dragging his brother to the floor and unloading a flurry of punches. He then takes them to the outside, where he grabs a giant, framed Wrestlemania poster, which he smashes on the head of Matt Hardy. Matt then dodges a trash can to the face, before eating the steel steps and feeling the entire weight of his brothers body come flying towards him, after running and jumping off the steel steps.

The pair move back into the chair, Matt groggy and Jeff with chair in hand. Matt is slouched in the corner, so his brother sets a chair up in front of him, runs and attempts hit a poetry in motion. Jeff is using the chair as a replacement for his brother, who as a team would be the base in which Jeff would run and jump off of. Jeff is telling his brother that he doesn’t need him anymore, whilst also trying to fill the void he has left.

To no avail, however as Matt avoids the hit, before Jeff attempts a whisper in the wind only to be struck by a chair in mid air, mid flip. It was really cool.

Absolutely brutal.

With an extra chair shot for good measure, Matt goes to pin the former WWE Champion, but he manages to kick out at 2. After this he decides to pull out the big guns, hitting Jeff in the head with what looks like a Henry hoover, which shockingly is not the finish of the match. Back in my day, one Henry hoover shot would win you the world title, now it means nothing.

Matt starts to take control, getting another near fall after a brutal Side-Effect onto a chair, Jeff’s head crashing into the steel chair. He then sets up a table on the outside, but quick thinking and a throw into the steel steps buts Jeff back on top, as he guides his lifeless brother onto the table, way he lays prone for quite some time.

Jeff then does something that I attempted to do on Smackdown vs Raw 2008 all the time. In fact, this whole match is basically every extreme rules match I ever played on the WWE games, and I love it. Chair spamming and silly dives and more chairs and even more broken tables, it what wrestling is all about.

Jeff stacks another table on top of Matt, and ascends to the top rope. The crowd don’t believe this is going to happen, then it does! What a bloody madman! He flies through the air like an eagle, soaring so high he can scratch his dog in heaven. He crashes through the top table, then onto his brother, who crashes through the second table, and the pair fall into a splintery heap onto the floor.

The match is travelling at a million miles a minute, and comes to it’s conclusion when Jeff rolls Matt back into the ring. He sets 2 ladders up in the ring. One large, and one humungous, and places them in a row facing the unconscious Matt, who is lying in his own filth in the middle of the ring. Because he’s the absolute mentalist that we know and love, Jeff leapfrogs off the small ladder, over the big one with a huge leg drop onto Matt.

That is, he would have, had Matt not sneakily moved out the way! It looked so painful and the fact Jeff could walk for the next rest of his life is a testament to his bones being made of jelly.

The finale of the match is brutal. Matt opens a chair and wraps it around the neck of Jeff Hardy. He then hits the pairs move – The Twist of Fate – and Jeff goes crashing to floor, before the steel of the chair stops his head from getting down, and it bounces against the steel frame. It’s miraculous how both men aren’t dead, especially Jeff who has just taken one of the most brutal things I’ve ever seen in wrestling.

Matt pins his brother and wins the match. It was stupid that he won, because now Jeff’s dog died for nothing, and he let him down. The pair may have faced off again next month, but the big money match was won by Big Money Matt, the dog murderer we all know and love today.

The Verdict

A brilliant match. It was shorter than expected, but exactly what was needed of it. Both men took brutal bumps and both men sold it as a fight, not a traditional wrestling match. Both men had murder in their eyes and it came off in everything they did. Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy was a blood feud, in all senses of the word, and this match delivered

I give this match 4 stars out of 5. Very entertaining, brutal to watch and one you’d go back to watch in a week or two, just to see that final 2 minutes at the very least.

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