The Best there is, the Best there was, but the Worst Matches you’ll ever see!

The Best there is, the Best there was, but the Worst Matches you’ll ever see!

1. Bret Hart vs Goldberg

Yes, it’s this match.

Well all knew it was coming. If you know anything about Bret Hart, then you’ve heard about this match. You’ve heard about THAT kick.

The match itself was a huge main event, to WCW’s biggest event, Starrcade. Bret came in to the match as the WCW World Heavyweight Champion, and faced off against Bill Goldberg, who he once held the WCW Tag team gold with. Both men were two of the biggest stars in wrestling, and it was a huge match that many were licking there lips at getting to see.

In ring, the match was actually really, really good. Goldberg hits all his big power spots and looks like an absolute beast. Bret, however, takes advantage of his spots and works the leg of Goldberg. He takes the leg away, taking away his power, and setting up to win the match with Sharpshooter.

However, there are TWO reasons why this on the number one spot. The first is the ending. Bret Hart, after working the leg all match, has the sharpshooter locked in. Goldberg is in agony, and the fans are willing him to tap out. But, the referee was knocked out earlier, so there is no-one to call for the bell.

However, for the second time on this list, Roddy Piper comes out in a referee shirt. This time, he runs in, tells them to ring the bell and awards Bret the title. But Goldberg never tapped out. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY OTHER IDEAS OTHER THAN REHASH THE MONTREAL SCREWJOB? What even was the point? If it’s not real, which the screwjob was, the it’s just bullshit. A clean finish and this match goes down as a great main event.

Except, that is, for my second point, and the real reason this tops the list.

Around 4 minutes before the end of this match, Goldberg throws Bret into the ropes and attempts to hit him with a superkick. And by attempt, I mean kicks him right in the head and concussing him so hard he has to retire a year later. It’s a kick Bret has talked about for the 22 years since, about how Goldberg is lazy and unsafe and never respected the business.

It was also a kick that cost Bret his WCW Contract due to injury. A contract worth a staggering $16 Million!

And it was all gone. In a kick. Heartbreaking.

VERDICT: 4 out of 5 Before the kick/ 0 out of 5 after the kick.

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