The Best there is, the Best there was, but the Worst Matches you’ll ever see!

The Best there is, the Best there was, but the Worst Matches you’ll ever see!

5. Bret Hart vs Yokozuna – Wrestlemania X

Wrestlemania X was a funny one. Bret Hart won the 1994 Royal Rumble. Lex Luger ALSO won the 1994 Royal Rumble. It was a strange time for wrestling, when multiple people could win Royal Rumbles and Hulk Hogan could do literally anything he wanted (See the end this very same match, which took place a year prior at Wrestlemania 9).

In this match, Bret Hart challenged the mighty Samoan ‘Japanese’ sumo star Yokozuna for the WWF Championship. Yokozuna had beaten Lex Luger earlier in the night to retain the championship before facing ‘The Hitman’, while Bret defeated his brother Owen in absolute Wrestlemania classic. Hart limped into the ring selling his earlier match, but Yokozuna seemed as fresh as a daisy. Roddy Piper was also the special guest referee in the main event match, and Burt Reynolds the guest announcer.

The match was not a classic Hart match. Yokozuna’s on top for most of the match, and Hart attempts a number of comebacks but failing to capitalize. Roddy Piper gets involved with the outside managers, attacking Jim Cornette on the outside and taking focus away from the men in the ring. Bret gets some offence in near the end, but his comeback is squashed.

The ending of the match is dreadful. Yokozuna drags Hart to the corner to perform his finisher, the Banzai Drop. He climbs to the top rope, to do a flying “sit-on-Bret’s-chest” and pin him. However, Yokozuna loses balance and comically flails around, falling off the top rope onto the mat. Bret crawls over the big man, pins him and wins. The roster come out to celebrate with Bret, but the quality of the match did not deserve any adulation. Bret was on the defence all match and lost simply to the big man falling over.

VERDICT: 2 out of 5 – I would never watch this match again.

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