Hulk Hogan Battles the Evil Russian’s at Wrestlemania – Part 3

Hulk Hogan Battles the Evil Russian’s at Wrestlemania – Part 3

The Match

The bell rings, and the pair stare each other down. Rusev circles the Hulkster, eyes locked on his, moving in for the kill. He knows there is no bigger scalp to claim in wrestling than taking out the star of the opening of Gremlins 2. Hogan postures to the crowd, saying some very unsavoury things about Rusev (I can’t stress how bad of a person he turned out to be), before the duo finally lock up.

Hogan, using his superior strength, wins this test of strength and throws Rusev into the corner, similar to the beginning of Hogan vs Rock at Wrestlemani X8. Hogan begins to pose for the crowd, who go crazy as they remember all the previous battles they saw the Hulkster win. They lock up again, and the same thing happens. They go for a third, but Lana gets onto the apron and distracts the Hulkster. As he’s busy telling Lana to get away, Rusev comes up from behind and hits him with chop block. He goes straight through the back of his leg, bringing the Hulkster to his knees (as he’s been distracted by Lana, he can use the ropes to avoid taking any bumps. See, I have thought of these things!)

Rusev begins to kick, stomp, punch, generally just attacking the Hulkster. Hogan looks lost, like he doesn’t believe in himself anymore. A couple of minutes of Rusev attacking Hogan occurs, Hogan looking weary with every kick.

Eventually, Rusev kicks Hogan’s back as he lies prone, face on the mat. He looks out of it, but the kick to the spine lurches him upwards. Rusev grabs his neck, just as the Iron Sheik had 40 years earlier, and began to pull, wrenching back the head and neck of the Immortal one, causing immense strain on the surgically repaired back on Hulk Hogan. Hogan cries, feeling his muscles snap and his bones crack until the immense pressure from the Hero of the Russian Federation.

The crowd is stunned into silence. They’ve lost hope. If Hulk Hogan can’t get out of this, who can?

“USA” little Timmy, on day release from the local medical facility yells out.

“USA USA USA” the fans around him sing. They look into the eyes of that little boy, with all he’s going through, and they say to themselves “If he can believe, the I can believe.”

The crowd, ever so slowly, starts to get louder and louder. Rusev looks angry, then stunned, then almost scared at the sheer power of the spirit of America. The stadium is unbearably loud, with everyone and their mothers chanting “USA, USA, USA”. All the Hulkamaniacs, young and old, sat at home watching on the WWE Network for $9.99, start chanting, before all 10 billion Hulkamaniacs in the world are all willing on the Hulkster to get out of this, to do what needed to be done.

Hogan’s eyes open. A tear rolls down his cheek. He strains to stand, and Rusev wrenches harder. He gets onto one knee, the pain almost excruciating. But he hears the chants from that small Hulkster, and knows he has to do it for him.

He gets onto a second knee. Then a foot. Then on both feet. Rusev is clinging to his neck, not knowing what to do. Lana shouts something in Russian, but Hogan pays no mind to it. He backs Rusev into the corner, smashing him against the turnbuckle. Both men are groggy, Hogan grabbing his back. But he fights through the pain, and shakes.

“He’s Hulking Up!” someone in the crowd shouts, as Hogan punches 1, 2, 3 times to Rusev, before hitting him with a big boot. He looks to the crowd for support, and they are screaming for the Hulkster to end it once and for all.

He runs to the ropes, and hits one giant, USA Freedom bold eagle heart failure middle east bombing Leg Drop, pins Rusev for the 1, 2, 3 and avenges America.

The crowd erupt and Hogan almost collapses in the ring. His back is shot, but not as bad as Rusev’s dream. He hoists the American flag up in the air, and runs into the crowd to celebrate with the fans.

Hogan is a hero. Then, Now, Forever (I mean not forever because Jesus, did you see that video?”

Next Time, see how Hogan is going to turn this victory into a WWE Championship Opportunity.

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