Hulk Hogan Battles the Evil Russian’s at Wrestlemania – Part 3

Hulk Hogan Battles the Evil Russian’s at Wrestlemania – Part 3

The Entrances

Rusev enters first. We all know how it goes. Lana walks in holding the US Title (which is not on the line because Hulk Hogan will not be defending a second rate championship; he wants the big one) with a white suit, and white fur adorning her shoulder. She is escorted by Russian soldiers, who hoist the Russian flag proudly in the air as the Russian National Anthem blares through the speaker. As she makes her way to the ring, pyro goes off, and Rusev’s theme song starts to play.

He enters the arena in a fucking tank. I still can’t believe this happened but it did, and no amount of fantasy booking could make this any better. He rides in on a cold war era Russian Tank, as his iconic theme song blares. He joins his wife in the ring and waits for his opponent.

Just LOOK at this

“I am a real American” is sung softly and slowly into a silent arena. A montage plays on the screen of all of Hulk Hogan’s past triumphs over the previous foreign invaders he has faced, and vanquished. It shows him pinning The Iron Sheik to win the WWF Championship. It should him leg dropping Sargent Slaughter during the very controversial angle during the First Iraq War. It shows him beating up La Resistance, and protecting Hornswoggle from The Great Khali on Raw 15. It shows one after another, the Hulkster beating up people from a foreign land who came to this country looking for hope. Really hammering home that the Hulkster does not like people who do not look like him.

Suddenly, those iconic guitar rifts hit. BWA BWA BWA BWA BWA BWA BWA BWAAAAAA. The crowd erupts into a USA Chant. The Hulkster, looking someone like his peak in the 80s due to the power of Hulkamania, marches down to the ring holding an American Flag above his head. He pointing at Rusev, shouting things that knowing the Hulkster are not repeatable on television. He runs into the ring, as fast as his little legs can carry him, as Rusev and Lana retreat to the outside. He waves the flag around like a madman, raising his hand to his ear an making sure he can hear every single person in that arena, chanting “Build that Wall” and “Get out of our country you commie bastard!”. Hogan has turned the whole crowd into just like himself and it is awful to watch.

But god damn do these people love the Hulkster!

Fantasy Booking